The greatest investment in our life is to maintain our body to be healthy throughout our life. We are unable to achieve our life goals without a health body and mindset. “Work is my hobby, Exercise is my duty and Health is my Wealth.” is the motto of success from Tan Sri Dr. Lim and he can always manage himself quite well even though he is busy all the time. This is because he understands that we shouldn’t neglect on the importance of being healthy.


Our health is our asset.

“We shouldn’t neglect our health no matter how busy we are, because our health is our asset.” Tan Sri Dr. Lim believes that every Monday is the best day to begin our life with all the healthy and positive vibe. He shared to us about the life expectancy would be differ from various region on the planet mostly due to diet habits of the citizens of the country. Tan Sri Dr. Lim believes that by joining the Green Monday Malaysia activity will definitely help out the citizens to cultivate their healthy diet habit and life style. “My daily consume are mainly fruits and vegetable, besides that, I will prepare my dished menu one week earlier before I pass it to my chief.” In addition from that, Tan Sri Dr. Lim is concerning about his employees healthy as well as he always encourage the work to eat at the office canteen which always prepare healthy food and there are also nutritionist being hired for the purpose of giving advices to everyone in the company.


One person getting healthier on the planet is equal to one person lesser getting ill on the planet.

Something great need to be shared! “In order to influence others, we should start on our own first. To share with your mates and family about the benefits and ways to maintain our health is the best way to persuade them to join you to eat healthily.” Tan Sri Dr. Lim is currently walking the talk as he organized campaign and talk regards on concerning our health on every Monday for the Top Glove’s employees to participate in order to increase the awareness of the employees towards their own health. Tan Sri Dr. Lim hopes that every one of them is able to create and adopt a healthy diet habit and share it to everyone out there.

“Though the food might be really delicious, but never make a choice on choosing a food that is knowingly unhealthy.” Tan Sri Dr. Lim believes that this is one of the irresponsible actions done towards your body. Maybe you haven’t joined the ‘Green’ family yet, and you might think that it’s hard to stay healthy, but why don’t you give a try by starting on every Monday? For the sake of your body in the future, let’s join the Green Monday Malaysia family and consume green food on every Monday and establish a healthy diet habit from now onwards!


Tan Sri Dr. Lim Wee Chai

  • Chairman of ESOS Option Committee
  • Chairman of Investment Committee
  • Chairman of Employees’ Share Grant Plan Committee
  • Member of Remuneration Committee
  • Director and Board Member of University of Malaya and Employees Provident Fund since 2015
  • Vice President of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) since 2013
  • Honorary President of the Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce since 2012
  • Honorary Advisor of the Klang Chinese Chamber of Commerce since 2011
  • Honorary Advisor of the Lim Association of Malaysia since 2011
  • Director of Kuen Cheng High School since 2008

Tan Sri Dr Lim has been actively involved in many glove industry related associations working Experience and organisations in Malaysia. He served as the President of the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers’ Association (MARGMA) from 1997 to 1999. Prior to that, he served as the Vice-President, Honorary Secretary and Treasurer of MARGMA for seven years. In addition, he was also the Director of the Association of Malaysia Medical Industries (AMMI), Board Member of the Malaysia Rubber Board in 1998 to 1999 and Council Member of the East Asia Business Council (EABC) from 2011 to 2015.