Perseverance is one of the practical ways to achieve what we want instead of merely depending on fate. We can’t accomplish our goal without perseverance. This concept applicable on getting a healthy life as well as to be healthy as it is not something we can achieve in one day, in fact it requires us to maintain and improve. Hence, the Malaysia Badminton Player – Woon Khe Wei always walk the talk and encourage people surround her to stay healthy by making the first move on her own!


Not able to turn yourself into a vegetarian immediately? Let’s make it once a week.

As a National Athlete for Malaysia, Khe Wei’s physical consumption is huge and thus, turning herself to be a full time vegetarian sounds impossible at this moment. “Our coach always encourage us to consume less fried and oily food, however, he do suggest us to take more meat to avoid exhaustion.” Nonetheless, continuously consuming meat will increase the acidic substance in our body. Therefore, to eat ‘clean and green’ food once a week is the best way to maintain her health. “My family members usually consume ‘green and lighter’ food as they believe that taking ‘lighter’ makes them feel much agile. Hence, eating ‘green’ on Monday is definitely a great idea for me to stay healthy!”


To adjust your diet habits require your deep understanding towards the important of staying healthy throughout your life.

Indeed, an individual’s diet habit should be cultivated since young age. It’s a tough task to achieve by adjusting diet habits while he/she is a meat lover since young. But, it’s definitely not an impossible mission to accomplish! All you need is better understanding towards the important of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. Nothing is impossible! The creation of Green Monday Malaysia is to encourage and guide you on eating ‘green’ and healthy every Monday!

In fact, you just need to stay perseverance and follow the food steps of Green Monday Malaysia to adjust your diet habits as well as your healthiness now! Don’t wait; let’s join Green Monday Malaysia now!


Woon Khe Wei

  • Malaysia National Player
  • Asian Junior Championships Mixed Doubles Gold Medalist
  • 2013 SEA Games Female Doubles Gold Medalist
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games Female Doubles Gold Medalist
  • 2016 Rio Olympic Female Doubles Player

Woon Khe Wei is a female badminton player from Malaysia who plays in the doubles category. She started her junior career as a mixed double player. In 2007, she won the Asian Junior Championships mixed doubles gold medal with partner Tan Wee Kiong. However, she later transitioned into women’s doubles with her current partner Vivian Hoo Kah Mun and together, they played in the recent 2016 Rio Olympic. They also won gold medals 2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow, 2013 SEA Games. Together; they’ve ranked as high as No. 9 worldwide.