We will never able to predict things happen in future, hence the best way to maintain our health is to cultivate a healthy lifestyle since young age. This is because children always have a better adaptability towards new changes in life. The Wheelcorp Premium Executive Director Jayden Liew is the great example as he was an athlete since young, thus he understand the importance of diet habit as his family quite concern on healthy diet habit while taking care of the members in the house.


Junk foods are the root cause of illness

There are too many choices available for people to choose among food in this high technology era especially choices for junk food. People tend to eat anything which is convenient and delicious without concerning the ingredients and the nutrition contain of the food. Hence the consequence that has to be bear with will definitely make us to regret about it. Jayden shares with us that most his friends (who are around 30 ages) are now facing some health problems such as cholesterol exceeded and etc. that majority caused by unhealthy diet habit. Jayden is happy to hear about the existence of Green Monday Malaysia activity as finally there is a corporate who concern on the health issue. Jayden believe that towards the appearance of Green Monday Malaysia activities will help to create the awareness among the citizens to have a better understanding on the contribution of ‘green’ food towards our health as well as contribution towards the environment. Jayden said, ‘will definitely share out such a great program and information to my friends and family.’


Turning it into a game and challenge your friends to consume healthily

Jayden suggests us to turn Green Monday Malaysia into a game in order to challenge your friends and family to eat healthily and cultivate a healthy diet habit throughout the game. “To organize some challenging game for the purpose of promoting Green Monday Malaysia such as ‘60 days of eating <clean and green> challenges’ will definitely attract the youngster to participate in this activity.’ Instead of promoting it in a traditional way, it will be much more effective to educate a person by challenging them!


Jayden Liew

  • Wheelcorp Premium managing director
  • Top Sales Advisor Award for Toyota in 2009
  • Overall Top Dealer Award for the Ford brand 2010

    Jayden founded and manages Wheelcorp Premium, a fast growing and dynamic BMW 4S (Sales, Service, Spare Parts and Systems) dealership in the prefecture of Setia Alam and Klang. He was awarded the Top Sales Advisor Award for Toyota in 2009, an achievement even before he turned the age of 20. In 2010, he bagged the Overall Top Dealer Award for the Ford brand. For three consecutive years from 2013 to 2015, Wheelcorp Premium has emerged the platinum award winner at the BMW Excellence Club Awards.