You might realize that some of the people join you when they see the changes and results happen on you after adjusting your diet habit, while some of them certainly believe that they can’t do it. The TV host of Astro AEC Evening Edition – Carol believes that we should always begin from our own before we proceed to convince others. By sharing the experience throughout the journey of achieving our goal, we have the greatest influential power to persuade others to join us to become a vegetarian.


Own experience sharing session is the greatest influential power!

In any type of situations, personal experience sharing is the most powerful way to influence others to join you in doing something, such as improving our health by adjusting diet habits. To share the changes happened among us after joining the ‘Green’ family is the best prove to convince others to join us according to Carol. Carol spends quite some efforts on adjusting her diet habit since she has sensitive constitution. “’Clean’ and ‘green’ cuisines are my favorite dishes, I would like to spend more efforts and expenses on healthier cuisines as it contains many nutrition that I requires to kick start my daily routine, particularly for breakfast.” Carol shares with us that her sensitive constitution is getting better after joining the ‘green’ series! “Egg is one of the foods that will cause allergic happen on me, however, I’m not getting better after adjusting my diet habit to be ‘clean’ and ‘green’.”


We should always try out something new as vegetarian food can be really delicious as well!

Carol proposes that instead of blindly believing in other’s comments about how unpalatable vegetarian cuisine is, we should in fact try out on our own to discover the taste of it. Carol believes that majority of the people who express that they couldn’t be a long term vegetarian mainly because they haven’t have chance to try out delicious vegetarian food yet. She provides us an example as she attended one of her vegetarian friend’s wedding dinner, which only provided vegetarian catering had offered a great chance for non vegetarian participants to try out those delicious vegetarian dishes and many of them were highly satisfied about the dishes provided. Hence, we should always give a try on new thing before we distribute our opinions to others as we might fall for it after trying it out!

How to kick start? Of course by joining Green Monday Malaysia is the easiest way to begin! Turn your Monday blue in to Monday green right now as it’s not only helping you on getting healthier but bring you positive vibe as well!


Carol Ong

  • TV Host of Astro AEC Evening Edition
  • Postgraduate of Nanjing University
  • Miss Talent in Miss Chinese International Pageant 2013

Carol Ong is the third runner-up of Miss Chinese International Pageant 2013. She won herself the title of Miss Talent during the competition too. Currently, she is a postgraduate of Nanjing University, who studies Mass Communication. She is also one of the TV host of Astro AEC Evening Edition.