Everyone might have different concepts towards ‘green’ / vegetarian foods. Majority of the people feel no appetites towards vegetables. However, The Malaysian Performing Genius Berg Lee believes that vegetarian food can be really healthy and interesting these days as it can be cooked in plenty types way!


Put aside the stereotype; let’s discover what ‘Green’ foods are really about!

A large amount of people have a ‘bad’ impression towards ‘green’ food as Berg believes that it’s the stereotype that created since we were young. This affected our life when we start growing up and hence a greater number of us avoid consuming vegetables these days. Berg encourages the people to put aside the stereotype as vegetarian cuisines tend to be more interesting since there are variety choice of ingredients can be use to prepare the cuisines. By following the foot step of Green Monday Malaysia and consume ‘green’ food every Monday allow you to discover the interesting part vegetarian foods.


Consuming vegetarian food once a week is good for both mental and physical’s health condition

According to Berg’s six months’ experience of consuming vegetarian foods, Berg believes that Green Monday Malaysia is a great activity created for the citizens to participate. “Such kind of weekly activities is the hottest trend in other countries for the citizens to join; there are plenty of activities such as ‘Yoga Week’, ‘Healthy week’ as well as ‘Green week’, etc. to remind everyone to concern about their health as well as diet habits. I’m glad that finally there is enterprise moves their first step to create and try to raise the awareness of the citizens towards the important of staying healthy in Malaysia. ” Berg shares with us that his temper and mental condition is getting better after consuming 6 months of vegetarian foods. His mind tends to be more calm and peaceful.

Consuming vegetarian food once a week will help on purifying you body. Once body is in excellent condition, people have more time to concern on creating / improving to a better stage of mind. Like what Berg said, put aside the stereotype towards vegetarian foods, allow you to discover new and healthy things by following the foot step of Green Monday Malaysia.

done6Berg Lee

  • Malaysian Artist
  • Director
  • Creative Director of fashion and beauty magazine – Backstage

Berg Lee is a Malaysian artist. He is also a director and creative director of Backstage fashion and beauty magazine. Currently, Berg is active in participating music works in Hong Kong and China.