Majority of the youngsters these days always believe and apply such an incorrect mindset ‘we are still young and we only live once’ towards maintaining their health. The Malaysian Chinese Singer – KeQing advices us that we should take precaution and make some healthy adjustments towards our diet habit since young!


Green Monday Malaysia activity is the best way created to help me on controlling my nutrition consumption!

“I’m a typical gen-y! I eat whatever I like and I usually don’t care much about the nutrition absorb for what I consume.” KeQing shares with us that she has really bad self-control on food consumption. Whereas Green Monday Malaysia successfully captured her awareness towards the important of healthy diet habits contribute to our health. ‘As we all know that deep fried food and junk food are not good for health and hence we should control more on consuming these kinds of food.’ KeQing shares her experience on eating ‘clear and green’ for a whole week and the result impressed her as her skin condition is getting better. She too advices us that we should take precaution before everything is too late, particularly for health issues. “The existence of Green Monday Malaysia provides me motivation to eat ‘clean and green’ as every Monday is a pinky reminder for me to concern more on my diet habit!”


Invite family and friends to organize and participate in an ‘Eating Green Catch Up’ by using fruits as the theme for food!

By introducing Green Monday Malaysia to others, KeQing wish to encourage more people surround her to participate in such a great activity. She suggests to organize a catch up session with family and friends with a theme of eating green and healthy to establish the awareness among the people towards the important of healthy diet habit. “I will share my experience with them as well as preparing some green food such as vegetable and fruit for them during the session.” Besides that, KeQing proposes to share her diet habit adjusting process on her social media account in order to encourage and influence her fans to participate in such a meaningful activity!

To maintain a healthy body and lifestyle is for our own sake! Well spend your young years on something worthy. Let’s join KeQing to eat ‘clean and green’ together! Let’s join Green Monday Malaysia now!

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  • Malaysian Chinese Singer
  • Actress
  • TV Host

The Malaysian Chinese Singer KeQing is also an actress and a TV Host. She was entitled as the ‘sweetness’ singer and getting more popular because of her fresh and healthy image. Her representative masterpiece, the song – <let me fall> had more than million views on the internet. KeQing is really famous on the internet as she has 43 million fans on Facebook, 46 million fans on Line, 8.8 million fans on Instagram as well as 8 million fans on Weibo. In the year of 2016, KeQing entered the China film industry through <Girl’s Generation>. She was being invited to join CCTV travel channel programme, <Perfect Dating> TV Programme as well.