Green Monday Malaysia event started since August of 2016 which appeared to encourage every one of us to eat ‘clean and green’ every Monday for the sake of staying healthy and strong. Green Monday Malaysia tend to feature and interview the public figures in order to collect their opinions and suggestions towards this event and at the same time create the public’s awareness towards the important of having a healthy lifestyle through the influential power of the relevant public figures.


The influential powers of public figures impress and surprise the founder of Green Monday Malaysia.

The founder of Green Monday Malaysia – Terry is really impressed by the result of the event which turned up after four months of efforts since August 2016 and now come to the end of the year. “The core idea of the activity is to generate awareness among the citizen to concern about the important of having a healthy lifestyle and educate them the way of creating and maintaining their healthiness through adjusting their diet habits. The results turn out to be really impressive and touching as the overall feedbacks and support from the public are great and even many of the public figures and entrepreneurs are participating in this event as well.” Be able to collect the support from a group of influential public figure and entrepreneurs is the key to successfully spreading this event throughout the whole country in a speedy way.


Continue spreading this meaningful activity in the year of 2017 and invite your family and friends to join in!

Terry wish to create greater awareness among the people and influence more people to participate in eating ‘clean and green’ every Monday. “We will continue putting in endless efforts to promote and publicize this meaningful event to everyone out there by educating them the important of staying healthy as well as the information and knowledge to maintain healthiness of our life. Let’s join us now!”

When it comes to the end of year 2016 which also defined a brand new year is going to begin in the blink of an eye. Let’s apply and practice your brand new resolution of the years together which is to adjust your bad habits and turn it into a way to maintain your health! Let’s follow the step of Green Monday Malaysia and eat ‘clear and green’ together in every single Monday of year 2017. Kick the Monday blue away and let the positive vibe and Green Monday’s spirit occupy your brand new year!