“Live your life in a valuable way?” Dato Tony Looi believes that a healthy body and living lifestyle is part of the way to make our life valuable. Though Dato Tony is always busy at the age of 43, he will never neglect the importance of living healthily. “My wifey always prepare me a glass of fruit juice everyday to kick start my morning.” Besides that, Dato Tony shared about his personal diet habit as he preferred to consume more vegetable instead of meat.


Take care of your health in the early stage of your life is the greatest prevention to avoid visiting the doctor often in the retirement stage of your life.

Dato Tony believes that Green Monday Malaysia activity create the awareness of the Malaysia’s citizens to concern about their health as well as their diet habit. “Vegetarians can always promote the Green Monday Malaysia activity to people surround them to participate in eating ‘green’ starting from every Monday.” Dato Tony thinks that it is much easier for the people to adapt to green diet habit at the earlier stage of their life as youngsters are always much flexible in adapting the new environment, behavior as well as healthy diet habits.

Being a vegetarian is also part of the way to show your responsibility towards the environment.

Instead of merely about the choice of diet habit, being a vegetarian is also part of the way to show your responsibility towards the environment. “Family and friends that surrounded me started to plant their own organic food and produce their self-made enzyme.” Such actions are environment and eco-friendly. In addition from that, reduce the consumption of meat is part of the ways to participate in carbon reduction campaign. Hence, by engaging yourself in Green Monday Malaysia activity is one of the solutions to contribute in protecting our environment.


Encourage the employees to participate in Green Monday Malaysia activity.

In order to ensure the healthiness of the employees, the company of Dato Tony provides their employees sufficient kitchen facilities to encourage them to make their own healthy food. On the other hand, there is rule set by the company as every employees need to measure their weight weekly to avoid overweight happen among them and employee who is overweight will get penalty on money basis. Green Monday Malaysia activity allow Dato Tony to have greater idea on assisting their employees to eat healthily by spending more on purchasing organic food and fruits for the employees to cook it in the office. By implementing such idea allow everyone in the company to pursue a healthy diet habit and share out such a great idea to their family and friends.

You might be wondering whether your ability allow you to convince everyone to participate in Green Monday Malaysia activity, whereas never forget “Many a little makes a mickle!” Make your first step now to pursue your own healthy lifestyle for your future and never forget to share out such an amazing activity to everyone out there! Never forget about Dato Tony mentioned previously, “Healthy body and living lifestyle is part of the way to make our life valuable!”


Dato Tony Looi Chee Hong

  • The Chief Executive Officer of Ban Lee Heng Group of Companies
  • The President of Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia (PUMM)
  • The Professional Lecturer from The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)
  • A Columnist with seven years writing experiences at Nanyang Siang Pao.

Dato Tony Looi is the CEO of Ban Lee Heng Group of Companies, the president of Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia (PUMM) as well as an outstanding Malaysian entrepreneur. His business scale across the construction, information, education, media, publishing, food and beverage, furniture, machinery, logistics, hardware, photography and other industries. Besides that, he is also a professional lecturer from The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) who always shared about his experiences and ideas to others regards to his successful in his business. He is actively participating in Non – Government Organizations (NGOs) and taking part as a consultant in several NGOs as well.