Meeting up the family members and relatives is one of the common practices during Chinese New Year since it is one of the important festive seasons for the Chinese to celebrate and welcome a brand new year. Hence, the founder of Green Monday Malaysia – Mr Terry Lee wishes everyone enjoy their Chinese New Year.


We should take care of our diet habits even during Chinese New Year

Besides that, Terry reminds everyone of us should take care of our diet habits and health during the festive season. “Never ever allow festive season to be an excuse for you to over consuming junk foods and unhealthy dishes.” On the other hand, people who are practicing the Green Monday Malaysia activity should take this opportunity to recommend such a great idea to the family members and relatives in order to encourage them to cultivate healthy diet habits and lifestyle together with us!

Never forget the Monday pinky promise to eat ‘clean and green’

Terry hopes that the members of Green Monday Malaysia will never forget the promise of eating ‘clean and green’ on every Monday particularly during Chinese New Year since we are consuming more unhealthy food as compare to our daily life, hence it is really important for us to detox our body by eating ‘clean and green’! Let’s recommend your family and relatives to join Green Monday Malaysia together!