“An apple a day, doctor will always stay away from us!” such a famous quote as majority of us hears it before in our daily life. Datin Winnie Loo, the Chief Executive Officer of A Cut Above believes that the daily life and diet habit of a person will definitely affects his/her health. “You don’t even bother to visit the doctor if your diet habit is healthy enough!” Datin Winnie established her career (operating a hair salon) together with her business partner since 23 ages. She is still looking energetic and healthy even though she is now at the age of retirement stage. Datin Winnie will still return to her shop and help out on servicing the customer whenever she is available to do so. Datin Winnie is always energetic though her schedule is packed all time as she just arrive to Malaysia from Korea 2 days before we are having an interview session with her whereas she will be on boarding to Japan right after 2 days we’ve done the interview session. Nonetheless, she believes and in love with life that is full of enrichment and meaningful incidents. How we wish that we could have this kind of energetic and healthy body like Datin Winnie when we are reaching our age of retirement stage!


Your body energetic and healthy levels are decided by your positive attitude and way of thinking.

“I believe that it is really important to maintain a positive mindset and attitude in order to retain and enhance an energetic and healthy body instead of blindly rely on the belief of ‘age determines the health level of the body’.” Datin Winnie deemed that the mindset of a single individual is the essence that decides whether to be or not to be healthy in your future. Datin Winnie discloses that the first task she does everyday woke up in the morning is to tell herself that she is going to make the day becoming meaningful and filled up will happiness. This kind of positive mindset allow Datin Winnie to be energetic everyday especially when it comes to such a circumstance that require problem solving and decision making skill, she always have a clear mindset to overcome the problems faced.

Nonetheless, negative vide is always the crucial element who drag you down as your negative mindset always convince you that “Don’t do it! Don’t feel like doing it! Never do it!”, hence most probably you might ending up not doing it. According to the above, Datin Winnie add-ons that “we should always believe in ourselves that we are able to achieve on what we want and making our life to be meaningful even though we are reaching the retirement age. Always remind yourself to retain a young and healthy mindset while trying to accomplish something. Such a positive vibe is totally matching the objective of Green Monday Malaysia. Ensure your life is LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) enough by consuming healthy food and stay positive daily! Whereas Datin Winnie is the greatest role model for us to intimate and learn!


Our body will never lie!

“Some of the people told me that they are so envy and jealous about me as they can easily get fat even without eating. This is impossible! Since our body will never lie to us, hence, there might be a signal from our body to hint us about something abnormal is happening inside our body. The greatest suggestion to prevent any unusual things to keep growing in our body is to book a time for body check up at the nearest clinic/hospital.” In addition from that, Datin Winnie shares her own secret way to maintain her health is to stay active all the time instead of doing nothing and eat healthily!
“I consume several types of vegetable and fruits especially ‘Green’ food as my breakfast in the morning in order to intake more of nutrients. On the other hand, I will avoid from consuming food with MSG and try to reduce the amount of sugar and oil consume for the sake of maintaining and enhancing my health!” Datin Winnie deems that Green Monday Malaysia is a really great activity to raise the awareness of the citizens regards to the important of healthy diet habits and lifestyle as well.

Be a role model for the public and encourage others to participate in Green Monday Malaysia.

Green Monday Malaysia allows Datin Winnie to take the responsibility on encouraging and taking care of the health of her family and friends as well as the public since she has become one of the representatives of Green Monday Malaysia. “I’m glad to be the role model of the public and definitely will walk the talk on establishing a healthy diet habit in order to convince the citizens to follow my foot steps to concern and take care about their health. The changes happen on me after joining Green Monday Malaysia will be the greatest fact and truth to persuade them to join the big family!” In addition from that, Datin Winnie suggests to organize a ‘Green’ dinner event at any vegetarian restaurant with friends and family in order to encourage them to eat healthily.


We live to enjoy life to the fullest!

“Humans are meant to live to enjoy their life on this planet.” Datin Winnie always believe in this. She admits that she will still consume some oily junk food in her daily life; however, she will never feel guilty about her action. “I understand that we should always have our own time to do our favorite things or to eat our favorite food as long as do not over consuming, it is always fine to enjoy our own time!” Basically Datin Winnie was trying to clarify that balancing of diet habit is the key to unlock your healthy life! Whenever you’ve had consumed too much of unhealthy food, we should find out our own way to adjust our diet habit in order to ensure the balance of healthy lifestyle. One of the ways to ensure that our diet habits are balance enough is to start eating healthily every Monday after a weekend that filled with tons of junk food for the sake of making sure the toxic are able to be excreting from our body.

Life is too short! Provide yourself a chance to live your life to the fullest and healthiest by joining the big family of Green Monday Malaysia and start to eat as a vegetarian on every Monday in the future! The little pay off will definitely bring you the greatest reward in life – healthy lifestyle as well as healthy body!


Datin Winnie Loo

  • The Chief Executive Officer of A Cut Above Salon & Academy
  • Celebrity Hairdresser
  • Ernst and Young’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2010
  • Most Innovative Woman Entrepreneur presented by Women In Leadership Forum Asia

Datin Winnie Loo, The Chief Executive Officer of A Cut Above Salon & Academy who have more than thirty years experiences in hairdressing field. Datin Winnie is one of the top and famous celebrity hairdressers in Malaysia. Besides that, Datin Winnie was entitled as the Ernst and Young’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 as well as The Most Innovative Woman Entrepreneur presented by Women In Leadership Forum Asia.