Green Monday Malaysia was advocated by the public ever since it’s began, which means that majority of the public concern about their health. Green Monday Malaysia is the key of encouragement for the public to kick start and unlock their desire to create and maintain a healthy life. Dato’ Garry Chua, the President of Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA), meanwhile is the Co-founder and CEO of Rotol Group Malaysia believes that The Green Monday Activity is drawing the awareness among the public regards of the healthy diet habits and lifestyles. Dato’ Garry Chua also believes that through organizing The Green Monday Activity helps to create attention and awareness among the public to concern about the illness and diseases of having a unhealthy diet habit.


Health Is Wealth

According to Dato’ Garry Chua, the greatest thing in life that worth to be celebrated and enjoyed is having a healthy life. Dato’ Garry Chua always concerns about his diet habit though his workload is always full. “We can’t even settle any work related problem faced during bottleneck situation without having a healthy body.”

“What’s greater than being healthy all the time as you don’t have to worry about any issue happen that caused by illness and disease? Hence, I regularly concern about my diet habit such as consuming vegetable more instead of meat.” Said by Dato’ Garry Chua, which is a part of the principle that encouraged by Green Monday Malaysia.

Dato’ Garry Chua and his family used to practice on such healthy habits at the early stage of popularization of Green Monday Malaysia. “Though I’m not a vegetarian, but I was influenced by my wife as she is a vegetarian and she loves organic food a lot. I don’t consume meat often nowadays but only chicken and fish.” Peer influence usually carries a big impact. The practice of vegetarian diet habit is turning Dato’ Garry to be more energetic and the frequency of getting sick and illness are decreasing. The great result of practicing such diet habit encourages Dato’ Garry to continue in order to maintain a healthy life. Thus, let’s apply such “green” diet habit together with your friends! The encouragement happen between each other may speed up the results!


To Acquire A Healthy Life, Regular Exercise Is Needed But Healthy Diet Habit Is Required Too

“Majority of the people believe that merely exercises can maintain a healthy body, however, diet habit is taking an important role on maintaining a healthy body as well.” Have you ever heard of people who work out regularly but still being diagnosed for some serious diseases? Aren’t they supposed to be very healthy? Dato’ Garry said: “This circumstance occurred because most of them are supper lover.” And this happened on a friend of Dato’ Garry. Most of us believe that only exercise needed to maintain our body and health, nonetheless, level of healthiness will still go down when a person refuse to adjust his /her diet habit by continuously consuming fried and greasy food in large amount.


At the meantime, Dato’ Garry believes that exercise is part of the important components required to develop a healthy and strong body.  “People should maintain the balance between exercise and diet habit in order to develop a strong and healthy body, whereas it is way more recommended to begin from cultivating a healthy diet habit.”  You may not have enough time to work out due to heavy workload, but we can’t live without consuming food. Dato’ Garry always believes that it’s not difficult to discover some vegetarian food around us even though he is an omnivorous, because there are various types of vegetarian cuisines and restaurants around the town area can be found.

Dato’ Garry is the type person who willing to spend time on developing and maintaining a healthy life and body although he is always busy as he is the CEO of Rotol Group Malaysia meanwhile the chairman of MRCA. Thus, why don’t you give a try on eating healthy through adjusting on your diet habit as what he did? Hence, let’s eat green together with your friends and family on every Green Monday!


Dato’ Garry Chua

  • The Co-founder and CEO of Rotol Group Malaysia
  • The President of Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA)

Dato’ Garry Chua is the Co-founder and CEO of Rotol Group Malaysia, which involving in the field of architecture and construction, meanwhile Rotol Group are involving in food and beverage industry as well. Dato’ Garry Chua is operating several restaurants such as Chakri Palace, Rainforest and Sanook (newly opened) through Rotol Food Chain Company. Dato’ Garry Chua is also the president of Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) and he had been appointed as the Vice Presidnet of MRCA for the period of 10 years.