Majority of the people realize and understand what types of diet habits are beneficial to our health. However, a large part of them do not know where to kick start. The president of the Junior Chamber International (JCI), Malaysia – Nurul says, the decision is all on our hands! The only matter is our willingness on moving the first step to own a better and healthier life and popularize the concept!

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Agree to detox once a week for the purpose of getting healthier

Nurul says that she knows about ‘Green Monday Malaysia’ through the former JCI President Dato Lee. “Dato Lee kept reminding us to order him some vegetarian foods instead of meat during a catch up session in the past. He explained to us about the concept of Green Monday Malaysia and this is how I got to know about the existence of Green Monday Malaysia.” Nurul totally agree on the concept of Green Monday Malaysia, she believes that it is always good to have some clean and healthy food to detox our body since majority of us consume too much meat and junk food particularly on every weekend.

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It’s not that difficult to look for vegetarian food since Malaysia is a heaven for delicious food

Malaysia is a famous place for those who look for multiple choices of delicious cuisines. Hence, Nurul believes that it’s not that hard to discover delicious vegetarian cuisine as there must be vegetarian citizens in every race in the country. Besides that, all races have their own way to prepare the vegetarian cuisine, thus difficulty in looking for vegetarian food is no longer a valid reason to stop you from turning your body to be healthier and stronger.

Besides that, Nurul suggests that some companies or enterprises who are organizing any event on Monday can promote Green Monday Malaysia Concept to their employees. Company should prepare vegetarian food as meal for the purpose of sharing the important information to all of them out there and encourage them to participate in the activity by sharing the concept to them.

Never make a single excuse to stop yourself from being healthier and stronger. Let’s practice together to consume vegetarian food on each Monday and share the great Concept of Green Monday Malaysia to everyone who around us!


Nurul-Huda Mohamed Afandi

  • JCI Malaysia National President 2017
  • CEO & Founder of Thrift Solution

Nurul is a Chartered Accountant of Australian. She is also a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). She escaped the corporate cage in April 2010, and is now running her own consulting and training business at Thrift Solutions, specializing in holiday rentals / homestay and IT projects. Besides, Nurul is also involved in system development project documentation and training for JPJ, Bank Negara Malaysia etc. Currently, she is the National President of JCI Malaysia 2017.