The concept of Green Monday Malaysia is to convey the positive vibe to all Malaysians instead of just about educating the citizens regard on healthy diet habits. Logically speaking, a positive person is able to overcome any issue successfully during bottleneck situation with a positive mindset and the spirit of not giving up easily. Dato’ Calvin Khiu – the CEO and Founder of MK Curtain Group Home Textile Corporate is one of the role models that publicizes and practices such positive vibe to the public. By staying positive all the time, Dato’ Calvin always has the capability to influence and inspire people surround him.

As we all know that Dato’ Calvin is a young and smart entrepreneur as he able to turn a sunset career (the textile industry) into a successful enterprise. However, such a successful entrepreneur used to be a part-timer of delivering natural gas at the age of 17. In the fast moving era, Dato’ Calvin is now the CEO and Founder of MK Curtain Group Home Textile Corporate which is the largest home textile distributor among the Southeast Asia. Such a great achievement is the reward of the effort contributed by him and his team as well. This achievement allows Dato’ Calvin to entitle the “Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Award” in the year of 2013. Hence, We should not miss out the opportunity to interview such a successful young man regards his view and suggestions towards the Green Monday Malaysia activity.


An Innovative Healthy Concept That Allow The Public To Take Their First Step To Establish A Healthy Life.

According to the interview, Dato’ Calvin Khiu indicated that the implementation of Green Monday Malaysia is a very innovative idea to help out the citizens in order to generate healthy lifestyle. “By using the great influential power of an enterprise to promote such a ‘green’ activity by encouraging the public to start on every Monday is helping those citizens who want to live healthily to take the first step on changing their lifestyle.”As everyone know that the Green Monday Malaysia activity encouraging the society to live healthily by taking the first step through establishing a healthy diet habit. In a line with the interview content, Dato’ Calvin revealed that he used to be a fat guy with the weight of approximately 90 kg. To prevent any health issue that happens due to obesity, Dato’ Calvin decided to make some changes to this circumstance through generating a healthy diet habit. Since he did not cook at home often, Dato’ Calvin trying to develop a healthy diet habit by having his meal in vegetarian restaurant or consuming noodle, soup cuisine and trying to eliminate all the bad diet habit such as often consuming fried food. By compiling the effort on healthy diet habit and constantly exercises, Dato’ Calvin successfully shake off the obesity issue and bring his health back on the track.

Such A Great Activity Should Be Publicized Throughout The Country And Encourage The MK Curtain Group Family To Participate!

The determination of Dato’ Calvin on decision making helps him to succeed on creating a healthy lifestyle. He wish to influence and encourage his family, friends and even his employees to take their first move in creating a healthy lifestyle by conveying the messages and concept of the Green Monday Malaysia activity. “Employees who work under MK Curtain Group are like my family, I always share about my experiences and the benefits of ‘green’ diet habit because I concerned about their health as well instead of merely productivity. The activity of Green Monday Malaysia allows me to boost up the concept of eating healthily throughout the whole company.” Dato’ Calvin said that in order to encourage and make sure everyone from MK Curtain Group are applying and practicing the ‘green’ diet habit, he is considering on giving out meal and beverage allowances for the employees on every Monday to ensure his employees are able to afford the ‘green’ type of cuisine at least once in a week.


Enjoying The Healthy Diet Habit Together With Your Children Will Be The Greatest Moment In Life.

The greatest reward of building a healthy lifestyle is cultivating such a great habit together with your children. Dato’ Calvin said “I always educate and convey the concept and messages of healthy lifestyle to my children by explaining the reasons and the messages behind of consuming less meat and more vegetable. After a period of time they started to understand more and enjoy consuming healthy food. I enjoyed the process of transmitting the concept and knowledge of eating healthily to my children and the way they apply and practice such a great concept making me to feel really happy and impressive.” Dato’ Calvin revealed that their family is planting their own vegetable at home and whenever they feel like cooking, they can just cook their own planted organic vegetable. Such action is making them to feel safe and healthier.

Before we ended the interview, here is some positive vibe that Dato’ Calvin wanted share with you “By following the footsteps of the Green Monday Malaysia activity, your life will turn to be more greater, healthier and stronger by consuming some healthy food at least once per week and behaving in a good way.” Therefore, the opportunity of changing your lifestyle to be healthier is now here, what are you waiting for? Let’s join the Green Monday Malaysia activity now and never forget to share such positive vibe to the people surround you!


Dato’ Calvin Khiu

  • The CEO and Founder of the MK Curtain Group Home Textile Corporate
  • The Award receiver of “Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Award” in the year of 2013
  • The Award receiver of “Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards Malaysia(JCI CYEA)” in the year of 2014
  • The founder of M.Kaye Charis Charity Berhad for purpose of helping out the elderly and the needy

At the Age of 17, Dato’ Calvin Khiu was a part-timer of delivering natural gas; he started to work as a fabric promoter since 19 years old. Dato’ Calvin Khiu then started to establish and operate his own business when he was 23 years old and he earned his first barrel of gold at the age of 26. Dato’ Calvin Khiu is now the CEO and Founder of MK Curtain Group. MK Curtain Group 25 branches in total can be found all over the country. Besides that, he was entitled as one of the receiver for the “Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Award” in the year of2013, award receiver of “Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards Malaysia (JCI CYEA)” in the year of 2014. Dato’ Calvin is now one of the speakers of Inspiration Talk and Entrepreneurship Lecture.