“Monday is not necessarily blue; it can be an energetic day. Monday is a brand new start of a week and it will be the best day to do something meaningful.” said Terry.


Some said Monday is coming right off the tail of Saturday and Sunday, this means the most dreaded and least productive day. However, if you make a positive shift in mindset, you will discover that Monday could be the best day to form new habits. Therefore, here comes the Green Monday Malaysia by BMS Organics.

Green Monday Malaysia is a movement initiated by BMS Organics Managing Director, Terry Lee, in a hope to promote healthy eating to the public as well as sharing the concept of environmental protection. “People want to shift to a plant-based diet, eat healthy and clean but they do not know where to begin. Green Monday Malaysia is a meaningful event and great starting point for them—kick start on Monday!”


Terry Lee hopes that people are aware of the importance of healthy diet, reduce meat consumption and increase plant-based diet. Despite of healthy eating, Green Monday Malaysia helps to promote environmental protection too. Most of us are aware of the concept of environmental protection like water saving, reducing paper usage and so on, but only a few will put into action. If all of us respond to Green Monday Malaysia, putting the passive concern into action can make a difference. Environmental protection is no longer an empty talk and it has a lot to do with our habits in daily lives to show our love for mother earth. 

It is not difficult to find some simple Green Monday Malaysia meals here. Terry suggested to have small and frequent meals, as people might feel hungry easily when they first shifting into vegetarian diets. Our body will adapt slowly after a certain lapse of time. Eating healthily on Monday is your first step towards a healthier body and thus, you may now gradually change your daily meals to some green foods.


Some might think that green foods are only the leafy greens, which are always dull and bland. In fact, this is a misconception about green foods. In leisure time, Terry will prepare some creative dishes; a simple dish like green beans that garnish with black fungus, shredded carrot and many more, are you drooling for this colourful and appetizing dish yet?  And yes, green food is definitely not a bland dish!

Have you ever thought about the impacts of having green foods on Monday?  A little effort can have a major impact. Think about it, if you have green foods once a week, there will be 52 cues a year to join this movement for detoxification. The incremental changes will definitely translate into making a healthier choice overall.

As an advocate of healthy eating, Terry hopes he is not the only one but to inspire others to involve in Green Monday Malaysia. It is a movement to tell everyone that being healthy is as easy as ABC. Hence, we should participate and encourage one another in this movement.


After all, guess that everyone should have a more in-depth understanding about Green Monday Malaysia to kick start this movement. Are you full of positive energy and have an urge to join this movement? Let’s wait no more and start right away! If someone is telling you about Monday Blue, and now Green Monday is your reply! Let’s fuel your Mondays with positive energy and make your life meaningful. Be happy to live with all your life is the aim of Green Monday!

Terry Lee

  • Founder of Green Monday Malaysia
  • Managing Director of FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd



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