Dinner sessions with family and friends during weekend are common practices for majority of us, thus over-consuming unhealthy food such as junk foods, oily foods and etc always happen which might probably lead to “Monday Blue” instead of merely don’t feel like going to work. Part of the reason is that unhealthy foods require extra energy from our body to digest it which may cause us to feel sleepy and lazy after a meal session. Hence, Green Monday Malaysia is created to encourage everyone to consume more light dishes and turn your “Monday Blue” into “Green Monday”! It is an honor to invite our beloved Malaysia Super Model – Amber Chia to “Green Monday” with us!


Develop your healthy diet habits from every Monday onwards!

Amber revealed that the calories of relevant dishes will be stated down clearly inside the menu of every restaurant in United States. This is part of the policies that constructed by the government of United States for the purpose of educating and conveying the knowledge regards to the nutrition of particular food in order to help the citizens on preventing the opportunity that being diagnosed for illness due to unhealthy diet habits. “Develop a healthy body begin from adjusting your diet habits. I established a healthy diet habit since I started to eat clean for working purpose. It is quite a difficult task for me as I was a sweet tooth person. Nevertheless, sweet food doesn’t really stimuli my appetite currently, instead, ‘green’ food are my preference now.”

“It is always a hard time at the beginning of the process on adjusting our diet habits especially for people who fancy junk foods and heavy foods a lot as healthy food always come with lighter taste. Nonetheless, such circumstance will turn to be better according to experience. Green Monday Malaysia provides us a chance to follow their footsteps and start consuming ‘green’ dishes from every Monday for the sake of cultivating a healthy diet habit.” Amber believes that we can always achieve our goal to stay healthy as long as we are determined enough to stay away from the temptation of unhealthy food for a short period of time, our body and mindset start to adapt to the new diet habits that being established. By kicking start such a great action on every Monday, it is being encouraged to slowly expand to the following days of the week.


The ‘green’ dishes help you on maintaining your healthy lifestyle and body instead of harming you.

Amber mentioned that, “Humans will only start thinking of the important about having a healthy diet habit when they fall sick.” In fact, every one of us understands the important of healthy diet habit, whereas people tend to neglect the value of healthiness when we are in healthy condition. “Healthy diet habits should be cultivated since young age as it is one of the ways to maintain our health condition.” Amber adjusted her diet habit into vegetarian few years ago, instead of helping her to maintain her body shape, consuming ‘green’ dishes boosted up her energy and maintaining the good condition of her skin as well.

Amber suggested part of the way to begin on persuades and influences people on developing a healthy diet habit is to apply and practice such a great culture in her Professional Make Up & Modeling Academy – Amber Chia Academy. “Few years of experiencing throughout the process of transferring from Omnivorous to a vegetarian allow me to acquire some knowledge and experiences towards healthy lifestyle. I would love to share my experiences and knowledge to my students in order to create their awareness towards the important of healthy diet habits which allow us to maintain our body shape as well as body’s healthiness in the easiest way. I would recommend them to begin from consuming more fruits, vegetables and follow the footsteps of Green Monday Malaysia activity in order to adjust the unhealthy diet habits.”


It is hard to look for ‘green’ dishes? It is an excuse!

Amber doesn’t always cook at home due to heavy workload. “It is really hard to look for a restaurant that provides ‘green’ dishes ten years back from now. Whereas vegetarian and organic food restaurants are launched everywhere, there is no excuse for you to mention about a ‘green’ restaurant is difficult to search for.” Green Monday Malaysia encourage the public to consume vegetarian food on every Monday, however, it is not trying to persuade you to dine in a vegetarian restaurant as you are allow to consume any ‘green’ dishes that provide by all the restaurants. Amber recommends us to begin from eating salad. “Salads are supplied by majority of the restaurants on the planet; people who just joined Green Monday Malaysia activity are encouraged to begin from eating salad onwards as this was my starting point from cultivating a healthy diet habit. Besides that, consume a variety of food platters will helps you to create the satiety.”

Since our body belongs to us, hence to maintain our health is a lifelong learning that only can be done by ourselves. How to work it out? Begin from adjusting your diet habit is the simplest way to kick start. Let’s join the Green Monday Malaysia activity together and start to create your own healthy diet habit in order to detox your body and remain healthy all time!


Amber Chia

Malaysian model, actress, TV host and brand ambassador.

Winner of the Guess Watches Timeless Beauty International Model Search 2004 title, Amber Chia became the world’s first Asian model to triumph at global model searches; and the first Asian model to campaign for Guess Watches worldwide.

With an illustrious career spanning over 15 years as a model, actress and brand ambassador, Amber has further highlighted her prominent mantle by evolving into a successful entrepreneur through Amber Chia Academy – her very own modelling and beauty school, which was opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2010.