Everybody has probably heard about the story of “Better Late Than Never”. People tend to start worry only when they are facing a health problem. Why don’t we treat our bodies with care before they start to fail? Dato’ Terry Ong seems to know this better than anyone else. Hence, he started to adopt healthy eating habits since young. “During my university years, I gained a lot of weight due to unhealthy eating habits. Therefore, I know I need to do some changes. It is not only for a better body figure, but to be more energetic.”


Green Monday, The Health Alarm

Malaysia is indeed a food heaven and you can imagine how difficult for us to have clean eating. However, it’s not too bad to have healthy eating once a week~ Dato’ Terry Ong feels that it’s great to begin on Monday. “Green Monday Malaysia acts like our health alarm. People may not get used to it at the beginning, but I believe we can adapt slowly as time goes by. Besides, there’s Green Monday Malaysia to remind all of us here about the importance of healthy eating!” There are varieties of processed foods in the market nowadays, why don’t we stop eating the processed food and have one-day detox instead?


Invite Your Friends Together to Make Our Path to Healthy Life Easier

All of us are aware of the healthy concept; however motivation is definitely a crucial part of any course.  “Let’s invite your friends to join this movement and encourage each other to eat healthily. If one is thinking to give up and friends are always there to support each other.” Dato’ Terry Ong believed that the path to healthy life will be easier if the people around us are supportive… “The company you keep says a lot about you. If the people around you are healthy eating supporters, you will get influenced.”
To maintain a healthy body for nobody but yourself! Therefore, keeping your body healthy is nothing to take lightly. Let’s start before it’s too late! Develop healthy eating habits since young are the keys of living a healthy life. Have no idea how to begin? Follow the “footprint” of Green Monday Malaysia~


Dato’ Terry Ong Ning Yan

• Founder of Wealth Mastery Academy
• National President of Junior Chamber International Malaysia (JCI)
• Managing Partner of MOC Capital Berhad

Dato’ Terry is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wealth Mastery Academy Group Sdn. Bhd., an organization that is committed in empowering people with the financial education, knowledge and proven skills to create positive change and stay in desired lifestyle.