To maintain a slim and fit body shape is always the rule to enter the modeling industry and majority of us know that large amount of models will take fasting as one of the best and effective ways to maintain their body shape. Jojo shares with us that she used to has such kind of diet habit whereby she only consume an apple per day which caused a series of side effects that affect her health such as serious hair loss, getting fat easily and etc problems. Along the way, Jojo realizes that instead of fasting, to own a healthy diet habit is the most correct and effective way to maintain the body shape.


Models are require to stay slim and fit but with the condition of staying healthy simultaneously

After the ‘only one apple per day’ diet experience, Jojo decides to adjust her diet habit in order to stay slim and instead of fasting. Jojo try to consume less oily food as well as junk food and eat more fruits and vegetable. Jojo also discloses that one of the ways to detox her body is to eat ‘clean and green’, hence she believe that Green Monday Malaysia activity is the great way for the participants to detox their bodies. Jojo always trying convey the healthy message and educate her modeling student to maintain their body shape through a healthy way such as adjusting diet habit instead of fasting.


Provide homemade fruit juice for others and encourage them to participate in healthy activity.

In order to encourage her family and friends to adjust their diet habit for the purpose of maintaining their health, Jojo suggest to prepare homemade fruit juice for them. “I believe that this is the cheapest and easiest way to show your care and love towards them.” Jojo shares with us that she always prepares fruit juice for her family and friends during every catch up session and they always impress by the effect of the fruit juice as it will cause them to detox for few days. Hence, Jojo believes that eating ‘clear and green’ every Monday will definitely help out on improving everyone’s health.


We may find out that it can be really hard to adjust the diet habit that you had been stick to since you were born. However, by staying positive and persistence, we will somehow achieve what we want which is to own a healthy diet habit. Let’s join Green Monday Malaysia now with Jojo!


Jojo Tan

  • Supermodel International 2016 World Winner
  • Supermodel International Malaysia 2016 Winner
  • Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 ( TOP 6 )
  • Miss Malaysia Earth 2013 Winner

Jojo Tan who is a beauty queen and professional model in Malaysia was graduated from St John university, New York majoring in Broadcasting and she was trained by Barbizon New York, a well known modeling and acting school in United States where top celebrities were born from the same school. Throughout 9 years of international and local experience in the modeling industry ( Fashion show, endorsement, commercial, catalogue, magazine and etc ), Jojo earned and being awarded multiple titles that recognized her skills and practices. Jojo is now taking a step forward training Malaysia models and talents. Character International Modeling Academy & Agency is a young dynamic company founded by Jojo Tan last year.