“Your body belongs to nobody but you, and it’s your duty to take good care of your own health”.

These words of Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok Teng Toong (Datuk Seri Nelson) got me thinking, if we don’t take good care of our own body, who else would? When we were young, our parents taught us everything that we need to know, in order for us to be independent in life and take care of ourselves. However, as we grow, we seem to forget about these and pour our energy into our work instead. How are we supposed to get jobs done without a healthy body?
The main idea of Green Monday Malaysia is to encourage public to live healthy and consume more vegetarian meals. We had the pleasure of enjoying a “green lunch” with Datuk Seri Nelson on Monday, and talked about “health”.

As a founder and executor of the well-known international chain brands – Nelson’s, Datuk Seri Nelson praised the Green Monday Malaysia is a great event. Not only will many people get to know more about organic and vegetarian meals through this event, but they can re-educate on the importance of their health too.


More Vegetables Less Meat, No More Acidity Body

“Eating more meat will make the body too acidic. Going vegetarian on Monday after weekends, will help to dilute the acids and keeps the body healthy.” Do not underestimate the saying of going vegetarian once a week to reduce the acid in the body. We have 52 weeks in a year, by doing it once week; you’ll be doing it 52 times.
Because it’s not common in our society to be vegetarian; hence, there aren’t many long-term vegetarians around. Datuk Seri Nelson also mentioned that it’s difficult for one to stop eating meat immediately and become a vegetarian; some might find it hard to accept. However, they will be more responsive if they are only eating vegetarian meal once a week.


Thanks to His Friends, His Health Has Improved

Datuk Seri Nelson also shared how he first started to consume organic and vegetarian cuisine. Thinking that it is only vegetables, he did not appreciate and never fancied vegetarian meal. After getting to know his vegetarian friends, he started to have an understanding on vegetarian cuisine. After trying it out himself, he realized that vegetarian cuisine is not necessarily tasteless but they can be as both interesting and delicious as any type of cuisines too. Though Datuk Sri Nelson is not a long-term vegetarian himself, he has come across an interesting difference. He finds that he is in a more relaxed mood while feeling less stress-out and not so temperamental on days where he eats healthy organic vegetarian meals.
Apart from having healthy meals while dining out, Datuk Seri Nelson also enjoys having grains and organic beverages as breakfast. Whenever he feels like having supper during the night, he then chooses to have oatmeal instead. With Malaysia being a food paradise, you’ll find delicacies everywhere. It was truly my first time hearing someone have such a healthy supper. I supposed I should learn from Datuk Seri Nelson and start having oatmeal as supper….

Sharing with Others

Datuk Seri Nelson believes that it is not difficult to eat vegetarian meal once a week. Furthermore, you’ll see improvement in the long run, and he himself is a good example. Because of this, he hopes to share this good activity with people who have yet experience the benefits of eating vegetarian meal. “If I’m meeting friends or client for a meal on Monday, I can take them to go for a healthy meal and introduce the meaningful event of ‘Green Monday Malaysia’ to them.”
Good news is to be shared with everyone. Green Monday Malaysia is to remind public to not eat meat on Monday, and start moving towards a healthy body. It’s our responsibility to take good care of our health. The very first step to live a healthy life starts from your diet.


Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok

  • Founder and Managing Director at Nelson’s Franchise (M) Sdn Bhd.
  • Past President of Malaysia Retails Chain Association.
  • Honorary Consul of The Republic of Mozambique in Malaysia.
  • Appointed Member of Advisory Council by Malaysia’s Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer and Ministry of Education 2014-2016.

Datuk Seri Nelson is actively in non-governmental organizations and trade associations. He was National President of Junior Chamber Malaysia in 1992 and served as JCI World Vice President in 1994. He is currently Past President of Malaysia Retails Chains Association (MRCA). He is the Honorary Consul of The Republic of Mozambique in Malaysia.