It’s Not Only Healthy Eating! Amanda Teh, a Naturopath is Sharing the Meaning of “Green Monday” with us~


Green Monday Malaysia was launched for about two months. Majority of people think that this movement is certainly to promote healthy eating. Well, do you know? It actually has a deep meaning……

Simple Concept that is Deceptively Meaningful

It’s a great pleasure to know that some of the participants who have realized the meaning of this movement in just a two month period. For instance, Amanda Teh, a naturopath in Malaysia. “The concept of Green Monday Malaysia is simple and easy to implement. It’s not only about healthy living but it helps protect our environment” What do you mean? Aside from healthy living, it can improve the environment as well?

Amanda smiled and answered: “Eating meat will increase carbon footprint. If you reduce meat consumption, it will reduce carbon emission which gives less impact to the environment.” Do it once a week is not only for healthy living but also an act to protect our mother earth~



Vegetarian Can Be So Trendy

“When it comes to vegetarian, many people think that the vegetarian dishes are only for the older generation. They always have a perception that vegetarian dish is bland and tasteless. However, vegetarian can be very trendy!” Vegetarian meals are getting more common nowadays. People will definitely relate vegetarian meals to religion if it’s 10 year ago today; and now, the benefits of adopting vegetarian diet are known by all where they are willing to give it a try. Although it’s not daily but weekly, it’s indeed a good try!

Even so, it might be difficult for those who seldom take green food to know better about this concept. Amanda suggested to start with the people around us. “Passing the knowledge to one another; telling them the green concept and inviting them to join Green Monday Malaysia movement.” With this simple act, we can help people who wish for a healthier life, and taking vegetarian meals once a week instead of daily intake is indeed much easier for them. “Everything will be easier if you have made the first move; perhaps it can prolong to twice or thrice a week!”

You are what you eat! You will feel energetic and have a better digestive system! “I was bothered by the heavy workload earlier, but I could even have better ideas and thinking,” claimed Amanda who had been trying to be a vegetarian for a month. Needless to say, I believe this is all because of the green cuisines. Our body consumes more energy if we are having meat, as over consumption of meat will make you sleepy too.


 Find a Reason to Stay Healthy and Bring Health into Your Life

Green Monday Malaysia has given you an open door and you are the key to healthy life. Many people are aware that they are unhealthy, and all you need to do is to put your words into action! Amanda believed that, “Healthy is all about habits and a long term plan as well. Find a reason to stay healthy, and it will motivate you towards your goal.”

Your driving force is your dream maker~ and never forget that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Staying healthy is a long term plan, most important is not to set our aim too high but a lower aim to achieve our mark. Success is the sum of small efforts!

We are but a grain of sand of the universe and we hold infinity in the palm of our hand! Let’s join “Green Monday” for a better body, mind and environment!


Amanda Teh

  • Green Monday Malaysia Ambassador
  • Managing Director of Euryka Naturopathics Sdn. Bhd.
  • Health and Wellness Director of PurelyB
  • Author of Western Herbal Medicine Column with Nan Yang Shang Bao
  • Regular Guest speaker on Ai FM
  • One of the Regular Guest Speaker on NTV7<living delights>, 8tv <Eve’s diary>
  • Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

Amanda is a qualified Naturopath graduated from Nature Care College, Sydney. She is also a Practitioner Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), Practitioner Member of National Herbalist Association of Australia (MHAA) & Practitioner Member of American Alternative Medicine Association (AAMA). As a founder of Euryka Naturopathics, Amanda’s mission to promote natural health and well being product to the community, she also a currently a Health and Wellness director in – a one stop health portal in Asia that helps people to live a healthy life style easily. She had a regular column with Nanyang Shang Bao on western herbal medicine.  She is also currently a regular guest speaker on Ai Fm, NTV7 <living delights>, 8tv <Eve’s diary> and has been interviewed by local media such as Charm Magazine, Oriental, Sin Chew etc.