“Diseases enter through the mouth”, this saying is known by all. Eating right can help to maintain a healthy body. Well, it is always easier said than done. People always come up with excuses that they are either busy at work or no time to prepare their meals, needn’t to say about healthy diet! According to Malaysia Principal Image Consultant, Ms. Evelyn Ch’ng, it’s all about learning how to create habits for better health.

Being Healthy is An Attitude

It’s never easy to be an intellectual woman; Evelyn is a renowned image consultant who is busy with her Emage Academy and also a mother of two. However, no matter how busy, she is still very particular about her family’s diet. “Majority of people think that it’s hard to be healthy. Yet, all we need is just a mindset shift to maintain this attitude for a healthier you. It’s easy as pie!”

I quite agree that it takes much effort to prepare healthy meals. Evelyn said that she rarely had time to prepare healthy food due to hectic schedule. However, it does not become a stumbling block to her healthy life. “I will go to the vegetarian café nearby, like BMS Organics Vegetarian Café and order my all-time favourite—BMS Hakka Lei Cha Vermicelli! It’s definitely a feast of colours and nutrients!”

From Monthly to Weekly, A Healthy Shift for Better Life!

Evelyn has actually started her monthly green detox routine before Green Monday Malaysia is launched. On green detox day, she will have some fruit juice and leafy greens for digesting and detoxifying vitamin hit! And here comes the Green Monday Malaysia, she has decided to make a shift from monthly to weekly. “Many people in foreign country like to have a weekend cleanse, while Malaysians love to have big feast over the weekends. Green Monday Malaysia is just a perfect day for us to detox.” “Giving up meat one day a week is just an easy and simple act~ Vegetarian café is not your only choice; perhaps a cuisine without meat at any ordinary restaurant is good enough.”

“Many people equate Buddhism to vegetarianism. Well, this has nothing to do with religion. Vegetarian diet may help us to attain a healthier body, mind and soul.  I have a friend who has adopted vegetarian diet and it helps to control his temper and less likely to get triggered. I personally feel that green meals have made my life better, no more sluggish but lighter and cleaner! Our body tends to feel less tired when we react to stress.”

The Greatest Harvest is to Reap with Your Loved One

“I hope to live a better life in joining Green Monday Malaysia movement, not only to myself, but to influence everyone around me. My husband loves to eat meat; it is never easy for him to have plant-based meals. However, we will set a meal schedule for the sake of his health. For instance, only go for green cuisines on Monday.”

In addition, as an image consultant, Evelyn also will suggest her students to adjust their diets. “Organic beauty is the trend now. People are all busy making a living and tend to rely on supplements. To make sure you are getting the most from your meals and the key to a healthy complexion starts with what’s on your plate!”

“Green Monday Malaysia” that is More Than Greens

Despite the green cleanse of body and mind, Evelyn would like to remind you an important action of Green Monday Malaysia–Environmental Protection. “Although we are not an environmental ambassador, despite eating clean and healthy, we should make a move in protecting the environment. For instance, use reusable bags instead of plastic bags and reduce the usage of plastic bags is necessary on Green Mondays.”

Indeed, Green Monday Malaysia is not only for healthy eating, but it encourages people to have positive mindset and do good deeds. Have no idea on how to start? Evelyn has a say, that’s just a shift of mindset and let’s make Green Monday Malaysia a habit!


  • Principal Image Consultant, AICI FLC ,
  • Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) Panel trainer Rising Star Award Winner 2012 AICI
  • Speaker for Excel Women Conference 2014
  • Founder of Emage Style Consultancy & Emage Academy Sdn Bhd
  • Founder of Asean Women Empowerment Group

Eveyln Ch’ng, is certified by Lynne Marks, the past president of Association Image Consultants International(AICI) and the principal of London Image Institute. Besides she has been trained by the world top trainers T. Harv Eker, Brendon Burchard, Blair Singer, Joel Robert, Janet Switzer, Roger Hamilton and many more to develop her holistic program on confidence and image enhancement. Since then, Evelyn has been established herself as one of the most sought after confidence guru in South East Asia. From 2009 onwards, Evelyn also started her Train the Trainer program and have certified more than 60 graduates to venture into this industry.