It’s never easy to talk about healthy eating to a foodophile. Especially when Raja Jesrina Arshad is such a sweet tooth, she loves to eat good food since young. Although she is aware that she has mild allergies to dairy products, but how can you resist the mouthwatering cuisines. “The more you ignore the allergy, the worse it becomes.” Therefore, Jesrina decided to change her meals to green dishes for more than a year ago!


Figure out a Healthy Way of Savouring your Favourite Cuisine

“For better health benefits, I choose to start with my favourite food.” Unlike others, Jesrina believed that one should not give up his favourite food, but to prepare and transform it to a healthy dish. Would it be possible? I doubt it when I first heard about what Jesrina said. It’s indeed possible after listening to her sharing. It’s just our arbitrary thought that there is no way to transform the ordinary dishes into green meals. “For instance, coconut oil can be used to replace cream; there are definitely some healthy desserts that taste good.” If you want to change, Jesrina’s suggestion could be a good idea. You will find out that it’s never difficult to adopt healthy eating habits. You can do it best to maintain healthy eating habits if you are savouring your favourite cuisines!


Teach Yourself Before Teaching Others

It’s much easier to get organic and healthy produce nowadays. The health related information is easily accessible with the development of the internet too. “Practise what you preach! We should practise in accordance with what we tell others in order to influence them to adopt healthy eating habit, so that we can know better about healthy and clean eating.” People will notice the difference as time goes by. “They are curious what makes me to have better complexion? How did I recover from allergies? Now, you can share your knowledge and teach them to eat healthily.” Well, she’s got a point here!

To maintain healthy eating diet is neither easy nor difficult. However, you can set a goal to keep you motivated, it will be much easier with the encouragement and support from family and friends. Who says foodies and food lovers will not eat healthily? Join us now! Let’s start on MONDAY~

Raja Jesrina Raja Arshad

  • The founder and CEO PurelyB
  • Former Assistant Vice President of Digital Marketing at Astro

Jesrina is the founder and CEO of PurelyB. Has over nine years experience in the digital industry, and also the former assistant vice president of Digital Marketing at Astro.