In many ways, going green can be very easily mentioned but if there was one that breathe and lived the Green Monday theme, he would be Mr. Leslie T.W. Lee. As an entrepreneur that focuses in the green society, no one person could be more suitable to represent the Green Monday Movement. He has conducted more than 1000 green motivational talks for various ages for primary schools, secondary schools, and even universities.

True enough, every movement requires tremendous support but more importantly, it requires endless action to bring the movement alive. A brief introduction of Mr. Leslie would begin with his roots of childhood. When Mr. Leslie was as young as 7 years old, he often does a lot of farming. From the farming experience he gained, he soon realized that there is a form of happiness from nature.
“Mother Nature has an invincible form of energy. This form of energy is like a wave of happiness can be transferred. It begins from the soil and then to greeneries (vegetables and fruits) which then transfers to the human body “

“Since a very young age, I have always been very grateful to mother earth. Mother earth has natural herbs that can cure diseases.”

Due to the strong believes of Mr. Leslie, he would want to influence others by living through example.

Leslie Lee

Why would Mr. Leslie feel such a need to influence others?

Humans have long practiced a meat eating habit. The urge to eat meat is always strong. It is not right or wrong but this habit is unhealthy, especially with the chemicals inside

With all the human technological advancements, Mr. Leslie is worried that the health of the public is in danger. Hence, he strongly supports the Green Monday Movement.

“To live the Green Monday spirit, it is a step by step process. First try to eat green on Monday. Stay healthy for just one day of the week. Experience the joy, feel the effects, and enjoy the fun. Then, who knows? You might love it so much to practice it even on other days.”

Leslie Lee1

Mr. Leslie : “ There is no reason to not live Green Healthy Lifestyle now!

Mr. Leslie believes living healthy is a personal responsibility which everyone MUST practice. Green Monday is a very good movement to help people realize this personal responsibility. His dream is to see the day where the environment will be free of chemicals and pesticides, a nature that is full of fresh air, his perfect beautiful day.

“Some people tell others to walk the talk, live healthy. But I tell them, don’t talk, just walk!”