The Blue Mondays are so prevalent that they have become a cultural phenomenon, but it’s now very easy to laugh them off! “Let’s begin your week with Green Monday movement and forget the Monday blues, it can be very refreshing!” said Wayne.

Mr. Wayne Lim, CEO of Malaysia SME Media Group praised that Green Monday Malaysia is such a great movement. It is raising public awareness and drawing their attention to the need for a healthy diet. “I like the idea, it helps me to think of a new way to encourage the employees to adopt healthy eating habits.”


A Call to Action to Support Green Monday Malaysia

What is particularly wonderful to see is that this movement is so widely supported by everyone. Mr. Wayne Lim pledges his support to fully sponsor his employees to eat healthily at least once a week at BMS Organics Vegetarian Cafe. “We will work together with BMS Organics at least once a week for about a month to instill and expose the healthy diets to the employees. We will not come on Monday as this movement is already very successful. Perhaps it’s good to have the healthy meals on other days where we can even extend this Green Monday movement to Green Tuesday or Green Wednesday!”


To maintain a healthy lifestyle somehow requires a modicum of discipline. The temptations sometimes seem too powerful to ignore. However, you’re not alone where Green Monday movement is your willpower! “Maybe it’s not directly but Green Monday movement is definitely motivating and giving me reassurance and reinforcement of what I have been actually practicing as well. In fact, I always emphasize a lot about healthy living. It’s important to me. Besides healthy eating habit, we have to exercise more to keep our body active, without an active body or mind, we are unable to perform or deliver the goals that we tend to achieve.” How important is it to you to reverse your health conditions? With a little effort, we can improve our discipline, change our habits and live a healthier life!


The Pursuit of a Healthy Life

“I engage with a lot of businessmen and I have seen some unfortunate cases; most of them are too busy at work and never care about their own health, as this has always prompted and reminded me that health is very important.”

While people are chasing for wealth and reaching the pinnacle of success in the business world. In the end, many of them are lying on the sick bed, realizing all the recognition and wealth have paled and become meaningless in the face of impending death. We should pursue other matters that are unrelated to wealth, perhaps a healthy life!


Wayne Lim

  • Group CEO/Group Chief Editor of MALAYSIA SME® Media Group
  • Founding Member and Secretary of Hong Kong – Malaysia Business Association
  • Council Member of Malaysian Newspaper Publishers Association
  • Board Member of Advertising Standard Advisory Malaysia