Following last week’s interview with Chui Ling where she spoke about eating healthy, this week she continues to share her advice and opinion on effective ways to kick start healthy diet habits. As a public figure, Chui Ling believes it is her responsibility to project a healthy image. As a mother, it is her responsibility to cultivate healthy habits in her children. To do so, one has to start with self. Thus, staying healthy, eating healthy and living healthy are important principles she lives by.

Cultivate a clean diet habit from young

Adapting your diet habits to something totally different from what you’re used to is no easy task. Hence, it’s important to cultivate healthy eating habits from young. “I totally agree and support establishing healthy diet habits at a young age. Personally, I prefer less oil, less salt and less sugar in my food. I try to make sure my children follow suit and eat healthy too.” Chui Ling reveals that her friend’s child of similar age to her boys is already consuming heavily seasoned adult food because of influence from the child’s older siblings. However she believes that if you want children to cultivate healthy eating habits, you should not let them develop such heavy palates at a young age.


Share children recipes that promote a green diet

Chui Ling suggests organizing healthy recipe sharing sessions to create awareness among parents. “Many parents have a similar problem, that is, getting their children to eat vegetables. Organizing an event where parents can come together to try out and experiment with new recipes can lead to tasty and interesting green dishes that are not only good for children, but adults too.” This certainly is an excellent idea as children learn from the actions of adults. As parents, if your eating habits are healthy, then your children will grow up eating healthy too. It’s a win-win situation for all!

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It’s not hard and it’s not too late to start. Don’t know where to begin? Follow Green Monday Malaysia and attempt a vegetarian diet every Monday to start detoxing naturally and regularly. A healthier life begins with you. Lead by example, particularly for your children, and help them develop healthier eating habits today!

Wong Chui Ling

  • Managing Director & Founder of AW Communications
  • Anchor of Melody FM Morning Boss
  • Emcee, public speaker and soft skills coach

Wong Chui Ling is a Malaysia-based talent originating from Hong Kong. Whether it’s acting, hosting, writing, producing or directing, Chui Ling is a familiar face in the Malaysian entertainment scene and a well-recognised voice over the airwaves each morning. In 2010, she founded her own media and production agency, and 3 years ago, expanded her repertoire to public speaking. As a professional speaker, Chui Ling has spoken at various conferences and forums, notably the Excel Women’s Conference and the National Achievers Congress. She is also co-founder of the School of Charisma, which provides soft skills training to the public.