Estee Leong – the founder of MaskSlim believe that food that cost us some expensive amount of money not necessarily can be considered as healthy food. Estee is turning to be younger and prettier day by day. It is really hard to believe that she is actually a mom of three children. What are the tips of maintaining and enhancing our beauty and healthiness? Merely through using the products of MaskSlim? Or there is another option as well? Let’s discover it together!


Food is the basic inner maintenance to enhance and maintain our health, whereas the function of mask is to moisture and nourish the outer part of the body.

“The easiest way to maintain our skin to look young and hydrated is to acquire a healthy lifestyle and diet habit as well.” Estee disclose that she always follow her daily routine as she will not skip a single meal even though she is always busy for work. “To acquire and follow the regular pattern or routine for every meal is part of the ways to maintain the body to be energetic and strong.” Estee always had her dinner before 7pm. In addition from that, she is not a supper person as she decided to drink some fresh milk whenever she feels hungry at night. Estee believe that the way to establish and maintain a healthy body is require our self-discipline to pursue the normal daily routine and as well as external maintenance such using her own product – MaskSlim.  MaskSlim products are made of natural plants extract and the products from MaskSlim are being favored by majority of the citizens even though its only appears on the market for approximately a year. MaskSlim is now coming out with their star product which is masks for daily use in order for ladies who want to maintain their skin to be hydrated and young all the time.


MaskSlim is joining the family of ‘Green Monday Malaysia’ Activity too!

Estee reveal that she is really interested in the concept of ‘Green Monday Malaysia’ Activity. Estee said, “’Green Monday Malaysia’ Activity always remind me to share about such a great event throughout my social circles and family to concern about our diet habit!” Other than that, Estee disclose to us that her own product brand ‘MaskSlim’ is joining the ‘Green Monday Malaysia’ Activity as well! “There is always ‘Monday Blue’ after every relaxing weekend; hence, MaskSlim is compiling the concept of the ‘Green Monday Malaysia’ Activity together with our product in order to publicize and apply the ‘Healthy and Relaxing Monday’ Concept  towards our brand loyal customers for the sake of encouraging and educating our loyal customer to possess a relax and healthy lifestyle.” Besides on having a healthy diet habit, Estee believe that it is equally important to obtain and maintain the positive vibe in order to live healthily throughout our life. The founder of the ‘Green Monday Malaysia’ Activity totally agrees and supports the idea of Estee.


Encourage and educate the citizens of the country by sharing experiences and ideas through social media platform.

Estee declare that she always share about her experiences and ideas as well as daily lifestyle through social media platform as it is one of the ways to inspire and influence people to participate in some meaningful and healthy events such as the ‘Green Monday Malaysia’ Activity. Estee usually share about the ‘green’ cuisines she consumed throughout her daily life and some photos captured the moment whenever she was participating in some meaningful and healthy lifestyle events together with her family members. Estee said, “There are always challenges while preparing the meals for the children. In order to overcome such circumstance, the family always loves to add some colorful vegetables such as tomatoes, red carrots, and green vegetables in order to encourage her kids to consume more vegetable instead of only meats” Estee tend to shred the healthy ingredients which do not favor much by the children and combine it together with the children favorite dishes for them to consume the nutrition they needed in daily life. This is a great tip for parents to ensure and maintain the health of the ‘picky eaters’ in the family.

“My social influential level maybe or may not be that powerful towards the people out there, however, I always hope that my experiences and ideas sharing can always encourage and educate people who wants to change and live healthily.” Estee said it with a positive attitude. We can’t force people to join us, however, we always welcome people who wants to change and start living healthily to join the ‘Green Monday Malaysia’ family for the sake of mutual encouragement between each other in order to achieve in creating a healthy lifestyle in the future.


Estee Leong

  • The Founder of MaskSlim Majesty Sdn Bhd
  • The Founder of Life Ribbon Community
  • Top 10 Finalist of JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur 2016
  • Council of MRCA Youth
  • Crowd Funding Project Owner ONCE IS NEVER ENOUGH

Estee Leong is the founder and executive director of MaskSlim. She is also one of the founder of Life Ribbon Community. Currently, she is also involved in the Malaysia Retain Chain Association (MRCA) as Youth Council.