A healthy life is not only about the ability to maintain your body in a healthy condition but also about the capability to accomplish targeted goals as well as to enjoy your life. Let the Malaysian Singer-Songwriter Dickson Chai share to us about how to enjoy a ‘green’ life.


A person with a healthy body has the ability to boost his/her own confidence!

According to Dickson’s sharing, he uses to be a kind of person who doesn’t really take care of his diet habit; hence the case of hormone imbalance happen which causes him to start concern about his diet habit. “Since I have a low level of capability to adapt to new environment, the environment changes from university life to work life causing hormone imbalance to happen and pimples on my face turn to be serious. As a result of this, I started to adjust my diet habit by consuming more fruits and vegetables instead of meat, and thus my hormone is then getting better after that.” Dickson become more confidence after getting healthier. In addition from that, Dickson believes that healthy will bring in positive vibe into our daily life as well. Therefore, Dickson is totally agree and support the ‘Green Monday Malaysia’ activity.


Turning the ‘green’ diet habit activity into entertaining ways to influence the people surround you!

It’s always easy to say then get things done. Same theory is applicable in practicing the ‘Green Monday Malaysia’ activity, particularly for meat lovers. Dickson suggest a creative idea to convince those meat lovers to consume more vegetables every Monday which is turning ‘Green Monday Malaysia’ into an interesting game by regulate the participants to suggest an idea related on consuming ‘green’ cuisine on every Monday. Dickson purposes to start practicing such interesting activity with colleagues as we always spend time at work and dine in with colleagues during breakfast and lunch or even dinner. Such idea seems to be fun and interesting as it not only allows people surround us to be able to consume healthy food but improving the communication and relationship between each other as well.

Dickson believe that turning such healthy activity into more entertaining ideas will attract more people to participate. In addition from that, such ideas are ways for people to cultivate a healthy diet habit in an efficient and interesting way. Make it as a habit to consume ‘clean & green’ food every single Monday by using the interesting idea purposed by Dickson now! Make your first step to maintain healthy and influence the people surround you by joining the ‘Green Monday Malaysia’ activity TODAY!!


Dickson Chai

  • The Malaysia Singer-Songwriter
  • The Malaysia famous living theatre/stage plays director, actor and writer
  • The Baskin-Robbins Assistant Marketing Manager

Dickson is not an ordinary worker. He is a full time Assistant Marketing Manager of famous ice-cream retail store – Baskin-Robbins. At the same time, he is a singer-songwriter as well. On the other hand, Dickson is actively participating in several roles as well which is living theatre/stage plays director, actor and writer during his free time.