When we are constantly talking about health, ask yourself these honest questions, is your health really a priority in your life? Have you made any changes to improve your health? While we were interviewing Chui Ling, a famous Malaysian tv host and producer, she said to her readers “everyone wants to have a healthy life, but do you live healthy or even eat healthy? Stop waiting, being healthy does not come easily”

Changes to your health must be done before it’s too late

We work rigorously for our future in our early twenties. “We think our body has good metabolism hence making us healthy, but it is not always the case.” said Chui Ling. A lot of time illness knows no age nor boundaries, do not take your age for granted, if you are not living a healthy lifestyle, illness will be knocking on your door. “It’s a relief if the result of you annual medical checkup is good, however it will be too late to change anything if the result does not seem very optimistic. Changes to your health must be done before it’s too late. We all know the saying “prevention is better than cure”, but there are only a few that put this into practice.

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To maintain a healthy life style is not a choice but rather a responsibility.

According to Chui Ling, to maintain a healthy life style is not a choice but rather a responsibility. “Health is not only a self responsibility but also an obligation towards the ones you love and care about. Imagine if you fallen ill, how you are going to take care of your elderly parents, instead they will have to look after you, this isn’t right. To matter worse, you wouldn’t be able to take care of your children too.” said Chui Ling. She always reminds herself that her health is her responsibility and Chui Ling hopes to spread this message across the people around her, so that everyone knows the importance of being healthy.



Remember, health should never be a choice but a responsibility. There is no need to choose being healthy if you make your health your responsibilities. From now on make health your priority, follow the footsteps of Green Monday Malaysia, eating healthy day by day, first step towards a healthier lifestyle!!!!

Wong Chui Ling

  • Managing Director & Founder of AW Communications
  • Anchor of Melody FM Morning Boss
  • Emcee, public speaker and soft skills coach

Wong Chui Ling is a Malaysia-based talent originating from Hong Kong. Whether it’s acting, hosting, writing, producing or directing, Chui Ling is a familiar face in the Malaysian entertainment scene and a well-recognised voice over the airwaves each morning. In 2010, she founded her own media and production agency, and 3 years ago, expanded her repertoire to public speaking. As a professional speaker, Chui Ling has spoken at various conferences and forums, notably the Excel Women’s Conference and the National Achievers Congress. She is also co-founder of the School of Charisma, which provides soft skills training to the public.