Chef Wan – The celebrity Chef shared with us about his opinion towards the important of having a healthy lifestyle during last week interview. Hence, Chef Wan is going to share with us some simple steps to kick start a healthy lifestyle.


Concern about the quality instead of quantity

The first step of being healthy begins from diet habits. “The easiest way to kick start a healthy lifestyle is first to adjust your daily diet habit, concern about the quality of the dishes instead of quantity.” Chef Wan observed that majority of the people out there do not consider about the food labels behind while shopping grocery. “A great amount of people do not concern about what kind ingredients contain inside our dishes, people just buy it and eat it simply because they want to eat it. In this case, people tend to ignore the ingredients contain whether is beneficial to our health.” Chef Wan always encourage the citizens to eat ‘clean and green’ by consuming more organic food and vegetable which helps on body digestion, metabolism as well as body detox which are parts of the fundamental condition to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Cultivate a healthy diet habit from the young age.

In order to own a healthy habit we need to cultivate it since our young age, such concept is applicable on adopting a healthy diet habit as well. Chef Wan suggest that we should always educate our children to understand the important of nutrition consume and guide them on reading food label for the purpose of cultivating a healthy lifestyle for their future. Besides that, he advises that parents should always organize some family activities which allow children to spend more quality time with nature in order to educate them to appreciate and take care of the environment as well, thus children know the way of living life healthily.


Datuk Chef Wan

  • Celebrity Chef
  • Food Ambassador of Malaysia
  • Resident Chef to the Asian Food Channel
  • Food Critic and Malaysian Magazine Writer
  • Cookbook Author
Datuk Chef Wan is an award-winning chef who attained celebrity status in Malaysia. He worked as an accountant before deciding to pursue a career in the food industry. He was named the Best Celebrity Television Chef at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2009.