Are majority of the Malaysians having a healthy lifestyle? Are you healthy? Healthy is not merely about not getting ill or sick at the moment, instead, a healthy person is good in both mental and physical condition, whereas lifestyle basically is about our daily routine and self-reflection. A healthy lifestyle is a series of actions include of having healthy diet habits, balance of mentality and daily routines which are beneficial to our health. It’s our pleasure to have a chance to interview the celebrity chef – Chef Wan to share about his opinions towards having a healthy lifestyle.


Never blame on anyone or anything surrounded you because there is always a choice for you to choose whether to stay healthy or vise versa.

Chef Wan believes that everyone have a choice to decide on what they want in the future. “There are healthy people and there are unhealthy citizens as well, it is all depends on the personal diet habits and lifestyle.” Part of the people believe that it can be really hard to take the first move to be healthy particularly when we started the first move from adjusting diet habits since Malaysia is a country that entitled as food heaven in Asia. However, Chef Wan believes that staying healthy is a choice for everyone instead of blaming on fate, anything or anyone else that surrounded you. In order to maintain our health, we should always realize and understand on how much calories we should consume everyday instead of merely avoid to consume certain delicious cuisines.


Prediction in the young age is always better than cure when we are getting older.

“Since health is wealth, we should always remember to invest in our health by consuming more healthy food especially in our young age.” People always complain healthy food are pricey, however, they never realize that such investment is really worthy as the reward from that is to reduce the chances of getting ill while growing older in the future. Physical substances will continuously depreciate but our health won’t depreciate, what is more pleasure than to own a healthy life specifically in the retirement stage?


Creativity makes the ‘green’ cuisine tastier!

Majority of the people believe that ‘green’ cuisines always taste bad; nonetheless Chef Wan has a different though! “For instance, instead of merely about vegetables, there are vinegar, yogurt, fruits and etc to be added in order to make the salad become more appetite. The same theory can be applied on every single healthy cuisine to generate creative mix and match among the ‘green’ food!” Chef Wan encourages the citizens to come out with creative ‘green’ dishes by referring more references from reading books or checking it out online. “Try to cook some ‘green’ dishes in some innovative ways can be real fun and never forget that being happy is one of the way to stay healthy as well!”

In fact, whether to stay healthy for your future life is all depends on yourself! Hence if you desire for a healthy lifestyle in the future, work it out now by moving the first step on adjusting your diet habit. Join the Green Monday Malaysia and start to eat ‘clean and green’ on every Monday!


Datuk Chef Wan

  • Celebrity Chef
  • Food Ambassador of Malaysia
  • Resident Chef to the Asian Food Channel
  • Food Critic and Malaysian Magazine Writer
  • Cookbook Author
Datuk Chef Wan is an award-winning chef who attained celebrity status in Malaysia. He worked as an accountant before deciding to pursue a career in the food industry. He was named the Best Celebrity Television Chef at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2009.