It’s always easier to say then getting things done, particularly apply for maintaining our health. In facts it’s not that tough to maintain our healthy life as long as you are willing to make the first move! The Miss Chinese Cosmos International Winner for year 2004 – Carrie Lee believe that, we should take the first move to maintain our life to be healthy before trying to influence people around us. Taking care for her own healthiness is an important task to achieve since she is responsible to take care of the family members every day, hence, by having a healthy and strong body will ease up her daily routine. On the other hand, Carrie is totally agreed and support on Green Monday Malaysia activity.


Create a solid fundamental is one of the benefits to merit your healthy lifestyle in the future.

Major misunderstanding towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle is that large amount of the people out there believe that only elder citizen need to eat clean, in fact we need to cultivate it since young. “I totally agree to educate our children to eat clean and ‘green’ since young. This is because our body has a better absorption system during our young age.” In addition from that, the earlier to adopt the ‘eat clean’ culture the easier for us to create a solid fundamental to maintain and enhance our future lifestyle to be even healthier.


Determination and persistency on eating healthily is the key to achieve a healthy lifestyle

It is really difficult to control ourselves since we were born in Malaysia – a foodie heaven. However Carrie believe that it’s not that hard to achieve as if all of us are determine and persistence enough to accomplish our goal which is eat clean in order to own a healthy life in the future. In fact, Green Monday Malaysia activity provided us a door of entrance to a healthy lifestyle and all we need is just to make our first move which is started to eat ‘green’ on every Monday. Moreover, by inviting your family and friends to join you may ease up the process of transformation by experience sharing among the people since we all know that the beginning of the process is always the hardest part.


Carrie Lee

  • Miss Chinese Cosmos 2004/05
  • Selected as 50 Gorgeous People Female Magazine 2004
  • Selected as Twenty Most Glamorous Celebrities Hot List 2005
  • CEO of White Fairy Event Sdn Bhd
  • Organizer of Miss Malaysia Chinese Cosmos 2015 and 2016

Carrie started modelling when 17 years old with bridal wear shooting. She represented Malaysia winning the international title Miss Chinese Cosmos 2004/2005, and also won the title of Miss Photogenic and Miss Talent when 19 years old.In 2004, Carrie was selected as 50 Gorgeous People Female Magazine; meanwhile, in 2005, she was selected as Twenty Most Glamorous Celebrities Hot List。Carrie is also the founder and CEO of White Fairy Event Sdn Bhd, and she is also the organizer of Miss Malaysia Chinese Cosmos 2015 and 2016