Diet habits and frequency of exercises are always the main factors to concern about when it comes to the subject of establishing and maintaining our health. Bryan Loo, the CEO and Master Franchisor of Chatime share with us about his secret to stay healthy and energetic everyday which is to make his own fruit juice everyday in the morning when he awake from his sweet dream. Bryan mentioned that part of his lifestyle and diet habit the being practiced among his family is to wake up early in morning and prepare their own fruit juice that mixed with some vegetable using cold-pressed machine at home before going to work. Besides that, Bryan revealed that whenever there is dinner appointment, he would prefer to have more vegetable than meat in order to avoid over consuming meat.


People tend to believe that whoever being involved in food and beverage must be a picky eater.

“Majority of them believe that whoever involve in food and beverage industry tend to be a choosy eater, it is a kind of prejudices that practiced by a great part of the society.” Bryan disclosed that light and simple dishes are much preferable by him and his family members as all of them are trying to avoid oily dishes such as food that cook in the way of deep fried. Bryan also said, “Ever since life started to be busier, in order to have an energetic body and clear mind to overcome issues faced every day, I decide to consume light and healthy cuisine as part of the way to cognitive thinking.”


Determination and correct way of thinking define your successful towards acquiring a healthy diet habit!

The journey of transforming from a heavy flavoured eater to a person who eats according to healthy diet habit is not really difficult; all you need is determination and a correct way of thinking. In addition from that, Bryan suggested that the greatest way to help you on practicing on pursuing a healthy diet habit is by joining the Green Monday Malaysia.
Besides, Bryan shared about his experience and benefits of acquiring a healthy diet habit, “Instead of consuming heavy cuisine, I prefer to eat healthily daily to ensure that I wake up every day in a morning with a healthy and energetic body and mindset as well.” Bryan also pursue that Green Monday Malaysia is a really great activity for people who wanted to start changing and improving the lifestyle to be healthier. “Whatever heavy dishes and toxic we had taken throughout the week get to clean and clear out by the beginning of every week, such a good practice to kick start a healthy lifestyle is way easier than any other option available.” On the other hand, Bryan believes that it is merely impossible to stop consuming your favourite junk food immediately right after you have a mind to create a healthy diet habit, hence, Green Monday Malaysia provide the greatest approach to eat healthily throughout our lifetime.

Recommendation for healthy food brand collaboration in order to create the awareness for advantages of generating healthy lifestyle among the citizens of the country


llao llao frozen yogurt is one of the new products that launched by Mr. Bryan. In order to promote and educate the public to concern and aware of their health level, the hottest frozen yogurt brand launched a Healthy Wednesday event as well as consumers are able to received discount given by llao llao for purchases done on Wednesday. Bryan said, “The concept of Green Monday Malaysia and Healthy Wednesday event from llao llao is sharing the same objective and I believe that collaboration between us to organize a campaign for the sake of establishing the awareness of the citizens towards their health will be a very successful and meaningful activity to be done!” To publicize and encourage the citizens to improve the awareness through healthy level, Mr. Bryan do suggest the collaboration plan with Green Monday Malaysia as they may come up with different event for the rest of the days of a week with the rest of the food and beverages brand on hand since we had Green Monday Malaysia and Healthy Wednesday from llao llao.

Social Media influential power to encourage and promote healthy lifestyle.

Bryan indicated that social media influence power is a great tools/platform for the purpose of promoting and publicizing healthy lifestyle event such as Green Monday Malaysia. “I believe that in order to advocate such a healthy activity (Green Monday Malaysia) require step by step achieving the goals as behaving as a role model for the followers on Instagram platform to learn and imitate my healthy lifestyle and diet habits, hence, we can begin to learn and cultivate such healthy diet habit form every Mondays!” Furthermore, Bryan adds on that, “Malaysians are really in love with the local food, especially the kind of deep fried and oily junk food, thus, we should appreciate the chance provided by Green Monday Malaysia to balance the existing diet habit, hence, to generate a healthy lifestyle. Let’s ‘Green Monday’!

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Bryan Loo

  • Managing Director of Loob Holding Sdn. Bhd.
  • CEO of Chatime Malaysia
  • Winner of Best Master Franchiser award in 2012
  • “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in 2013

Bryan Loo is the Malaysian entrepreneur and the master franchisor for the Chatime brand in Malaysia. He is the CEO of the fastest-growing beverage brand in Malaysia and the fastest-growing Chatime franchise in the Asean region. Bryan was the winner of the Best Master Franchiser award in 2012 and was named “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in 2013.