Prevent is always better than cure, hence a healthy lifestyle should be created and cultivated since young age. However people always neglect the importance of maintaining a healthy body by taking ‘young’ as an excuse. Let the Malaysian Singer – Athena Beh advises us on this!


Work it out on our own before we try to influence people around us.

According to what we know, parents are always the role model for children to learn and intimate all times. Therefore, parents should take the first step to educate the children on concerning the important of healthy diet habit as well as regular workout in order to develop their daily routine to be healthier. Besides that, peer influence is important as well, particularly for people who want their family and friends to stay healthier together with them. Athena mentioned that peer influence is really important as this is the way that leads her to start concerning her health. “One of the co-workers of mine was sharing her overnight oat breakfast recipe for me to try out and this is how I started my ‘clean & green’ diet habit. The result after two months from eating ‘clean & green’ is really impressing as my skin condition is getting better as well as my digestive system!” In order to increase the exposure of Green Monday Malaysia activities and allow more people to know about this event, Athena suggests on conveying and sharing out such important information and messages on social platform to create the awareness among the public. On the other hand, she suggests on preparing some ‘green’ cuisine for family and friends to slowly influence them on adapting the healthy diet habit.


Encourage the school to participate in this activity in order to educate the children on eating healthily.

It is always not an easy process to walk through on adjusting diet habit and lifestyle; hence we should cultivate it since young. Athena proposes that schools authorities should implement Green Monday Malaysia activity to educate the children’s understanding towards the important of eating healthily in their daily life. Besides that, the school authorities can always prepare some ‘clean and green’ dishes on every Monday as well as organize some interesting campaign and activity to allow students to acquire knowledge on nutrition. Parents of the students might get influence by their children through the knowledge imparted by the school authority!

In order to influence other to be healthier, we should always be the one who take the first step to stay healthy! Let’s join the Green Monday Malaysia right now to cultivate your ‘clean and green’ diet habit TODAY and start influence others! Let’s Green Monday together!


Athena Beh

  • Malaysia singer
  • Singing teacher
  • Was invited to join Taiwan singing entertainment show “Super Star Avenue

Athena Beh is a Malaysian singer who graduated from ICOM. She is now also a singing teacher in EW Music. Athena was invited to join Taiwan singing entertainment show “Super Star Avenue“. In 2012, Athena represented Malaysia to join China entertainment show “Asian Wave”. In 2014, Athena was awarded as the Female Singer (Gold Prize).