As we all know that we should have established healthy diet habit since young which help in enhancing the adaptability toward healthy lifestyle in the future. The Malaysia Champion of Super Model Competition Year 2017 – Su Lee was being educated by her family members to concern on healthy diet habit since young. Hence vegetarian cuisines are foods she consumes everyday to remain healthy. Green Monday Malaysia is glad to have her support towards the activity!

010417-20513It’s never too late to stay healthy, unless you don’t want to!

“The citizens from western countries started to concern and understand the importance of healthy diet habit since early of the century. However, Malaysians seem to omit the consequences of it. Therefore the appearance of Green Monday Malaysia helps to educate and convey the knowledge among the citizens towards significance of healthy diet habit”. According to Su Lee, she was being educated by her mother about the importance of adjusting diet habit toward our health. “Although it is much advisable to cultivate a healthy diet habit since young, however, it’s never too late to adjust your diet habit to be healthier as long as you have the willingness to do so.” How to begin? Simply by joining the Green Monday Malaysia!


Always remember your intention or purpose of eating healthily.

It’s normal that we might forget the primary intention of eating healthily after a long period of time of consuming vegetarian cuisines. Hence we should always remind ourselves of the primary purpose of adjusting our diet habit to be healthier. Su Lee said, “My primary intention to consume vegetarian cuisine is to stay away from illness and stay healthy when I’m getting older in the future, as I don’t want to be the burden of others by taking care of me.”

Do it for your own sake and do it for people who love you as well, let’s start eating healthily by joining Green Monday Malaysia! Consume vegetarian cuisine every Monday to help in detoxing your body NOW!


Lee Su Lee

  • Supermodel Malaysia Champion 2017
  • Graduate of The University of Western Australia

Su Lee holds a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Western Australia. She is currently engaged in a graduate trainee programme in a public listed company. She was very active in sports and has won numerous medals in the track and field events. Upon graduation,  she volunteered in a psychotherapy programme for refugees in Malaysia and tutored juveniles in a detention center overseas. In future, she hopes to be a successful entrepreneur and an educator.