Many public figures in Malaysia are in support of the Green Monday campaign which provided the platform for us to get to where we are today!  With great pleasure we are very happy to be able to invite SUBWAY Malaysia  – Dato Vincent and Datin Cynthia to share with us on their thoughts in going green. They do echo our thoughts that the campaign of Green Monday Malaysia is a great platform to share opinions and create awareness towards the important of eating in a healthy manner. Dato’ Vincent commented, “You will always have an opportunity to consume and try out various types of delicious cuisine, but it is also good to give yourself an opportunity to consume healthy greens by trying out various vegetarian cuisine in order to detox and to maintain a balance diet for our body!”


Our bodies are machine like; it requires maintenance & cleansing for a healthy body.

Dato’ further illustrated that our body is like any machine which requires to be taken care off so that it will function well for a very long time. Our body required regular maintenance and services therefore a good way is to cleanse and lubricate our body by choosing healthier choices such as vegetables – this way we will do justice to our body. He also said that by encouraging our children to try out vegetarian cuisine in their early lives will help them to take better care of themselves in the future.


Vegetarian cuisines does not equate to tasteless food, it just depends on how ingredients and sauces are mixed & matched.

Datin Cynthia echos the same thoughts with Dato’ by sharing with us that they had always encourage their children to experiment with a variety of food including vegetarian cuisine even at the early stage of their lives so they could be receptive to all food types. Datin Cynthia mentions that they are very adventurous and open minded in their choices of food and will often try out different types of cuisines. Many people and especially the younger generation always assume that vegetarian cuisines are tasteless and unpalatable but we will always advise the youngsters to give vegetarian cuisine a try too as that is one way to enjoy more greens in great variety before deciding that meatless food is not tasty.”  She further added that taste towards different cuisines are something very personalize, we should always try out first before we make conclusion or take action towards something! In other words, vegetarian cuisines does not mean tasteless cuisines as it is all depends on how one’s mixes and matches the ingredients and sauces.

Dato Vincent and Datin Cynthia notes that the vegetarian cuisines industry are getting bigger and it is not difficult to look for a good vegetarian restaurant especially for those who does not cook to be able to enjoy the varieties. Having the Green Monday Malaysia, provided a good platform to making the first step towards cultivating a healthy diet habit easier for many said the couple.


Datin Cynthia explained that SUBWAY also has a vegetarian sandwich option for the consumer to enjoy too. “We have many friends whom may not had the opportunity to try vegetarian cuisines or may not have known how to enjoy one, hence, whenever it’s our treat, we try to bring our vegetarian sub for them to try or to go to vegetarian places that we had experimented for example like in BMS cafe and most of the time, they will be surprised on how vegetarian food can be tasty and interesting! It’s all about the way we mix and match it!”

Therefore do give ourselves a chance to try out vegetarian food which can be delicious and promotes healthy balance diet for anyone. You only need to adjust your eating habit once a week so one can lead to a healthier path. We sincerely invite all of you to be part of the Green Monday Malaysia and consume vegetarian food once a week to detox and maintain your body to stay healthy.


Dato Vincent Choo & Datin Cynthia Cheong

  • Development Agent / Master Franchisor for SUBWAY

Dato and Datin both graduated from Eastern Michigan University, USA.  Dato graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business majoring in Marketing. He has vasts experience working with multi national company in marketing, sales and business development before venturing into his own business. As for Datin, she has a Master Degree in Communication and work as a Dean for a University for more than 14 years before joining Dato in the business. Both of them are now the Development Agent / Master Franchisor for Subway brand which they are very passionate about since they started in 2004. Subway is the largest fast food in the world with more than 44,000 restaurants. In Malaysia, there are more than 210 Subway. As a busy couple whom are dedicated to building a strong foundation for the Subway brand, they too believe that being healthy is an important  priority to be able to focus in daily life. Both Dato and Datin are supportive of the Green Monday for healthy living and promote good eating habits.