Green Monday Malaysia is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative spearheaded by BMS Organics that aims at cultivating the awareness and appreciation of plant-based and organic meals to promote a healthier lifestyle amongst Malaysians. At its simplest, Green Monday Malaysia encourages Malaysians to skip meat and opt for plant-based and organics meals on every Monday to kick-start the habit of wholesome eating and a healthier lifestyle.

It is part of the ongoing global green movement to promote healthy and sustainable living through positive thinking and the adoption of easy, simple and effective green practices that help reduce carbon footprint, such as carpooling, commuting by public transport, reducing the use of papers and water, and above all, reducing meat consumption to improve our health and the health of our planet.

Studies show that meat production generates nearly 20% of man-made greenhouse gasses that accelerate climate change and consumes 20 times more fuel to make feed for beef than plant-based protein. In other words, by substituting meat with only plant-based meal for just one day a week, we can start to make a world of difference for the planet and future generations.

Green Monday Malaysia believes in taking small and easy steps based on individual willingness and commitment. We believe that there is power in numbers. When Malaysians come in great numbers and in unity, even the smallest step can turn into a great leap forward.

Eat greens on Monday. One eco-friendly action at a time.